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«Наука через призму времени»

Сентябрь, 2017 / Международный научный журнал
«Наука через призму времени» №6 2017

Автор: Гетман Анна Витальевна, магистр
Рубрика: Исторические науки и археология
Название статьи: Valuable memory of the victory in World War II for the modern youth

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Гетман Анна Витальевна

магистрант 1 курса

Институт Социологии и Регионоведения


Abstract. This article tells about the Great National War, the attitude of youth toward it.

Key words: Victory, memory, historic, homeland, civic, historical consciousness


The historical memory of the Great Patriotic War is one of the main components of the historical consciousness of the Russian people, which is like no other spiritual phenomenon, carries consolidating, unifying Russian society function. The memory of the events of war, distinguished participants, the heroic deeds of our compatriots, the bitterness of the losses incurred huge carries a charge of spiritual unity of Russian society, with all the complexity of its social structure and socio-economic differences.

The Great Patriotic War left a deep mark in the memory of the Soviet people. This war showed all the cruelty and inhumanity of armed conflict, it took 70 years, as the end of this war, but not diminished society's interest in this historic event. The younger generation has to know and remember it.

The purpose of the current work is to show the importance of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War for the education of young people in Russia.

The past of our country, no matter how difficult it may be, is the common property of the citizens, and its study and preservation in people's memory - the most important political, moral and cultural challenge. As for the younger generation, the study of the history of his homeland is a necessary condition for the formation of civic and historical consciousness. This is the value of the country's history for the individual and society.

It is the duty of youth to sanctify the valor of the fallen and the survivors, it is necessary to become their worthy successors and transmit to future generations a love for the Fatherland. The youth of today must maintain a reverent attitude to the events of the Great Patriotic War and its heroes. Now Russia needs the faith and loyalty of our patriotic traditions. Young people should be grateful to our veterans for their invaluable experience, which they share with us, for the advice, wisdom and tolerance.

In the light of internal and external threats to the unity of Russian society the problems connected with the formation of the identity of consolidating and maintaining its foundation are especially urgent - the collective historical memory shared by large groups of symbols, interpretations, definitions of historical events forming the "fate of the nation." In recent years, at the national level is carried out great work to prevent Revisions of historical outcome of World War II. Meanwhile, the theme of the Great Patriotic War, as one of the central foundations of the historical memory of Russian society at regular intervals subjected to attempts to dilute, reinterpretation and vulgarization. Meanwhile the deformation of the moral and symbolic communication between the older generation - living carrier of historical memory and the younger generation, socialized in the global information society also contributes to the erosion of historical memory of the new generations.

Young people need to understand that one of the reasons for the victory was the belief in life, this spiritual greatness of our nation, selfless devotion to our country. This faith in life, in humanity should be protected. Knowledge about the heroes of war and work to help foster a good mental qualities. We must cultivate a sense of patriotism and responsibility. In addition, the need to be vigilant to prevent the nationalist forces to develop, you need to permanently stigmatize Fascism and tell us how terrible and inhumane it was.


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